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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 5, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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crisis. it's part of a mindset that looks at a woman and says nice [ bleep ]. >> tucker: in other words my ex-husband caused climate change in in addition to everything else. it's all about her. so great. we appreciate your watching tonight and back every weeknight. here's shawn hannity. >> sean: we begin with sad news that kristie alley passed away from cancer and they praise their mother's passion for life and eternal joy was creating was unparalleled and leave us inspired to live life to the fullest just as she did. we're going to have more on that coming up later on in the show. first tonight, our country is
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facing t this and the most dire election is free and fair in the history of the united states and now coming from within. we'll explain it all. by coordinating with the dnc and top brass at our own fbi and putting their throngs on the scale of elections now for the last two presidential elections in particular and the mob and the media are totally and completely complicit throughout censorship and disinformation and not vetting candidates and they all deliberately work hand-in-hand to help elect democrats all across the country but thanks to several new investigations, a handful of reporters and guy by the name of elon musk, that's right, the billionaire. the full extent of this corruption is now beginning to come here tonight and we'll walk you through this step by step and may seem complex but also actually pretty simple and begin tonight with elon musk after
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twitter's bomb shell document dump on friday censored around the 2020 probiden censorship campaign and musk said all of this during the open discussion on saturday at a round table over the weekend. take a listen. >> clearly if twitter is doing one team's bidding before an election, shutting down voices on a pivotal election, that's the very definition of election interference. what the hell else -- of course, yes. you know, frankly twitter was acting like an arm of the democratic national committee. it was absurd. >> sean: that would be election interference and arm of the democratic party and gets worse. according to musk, twitter was not acting alone, many in the media mob were not being truthful to you, the american people. shocker. take a look.
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>> i think those people should be looking in the mirror and wondering why they were deceptive, why did they deceive the american public and instead of trying to redi redirect blamo other peoples and not being truthful to the american public. >> sean: there's no doubt that many so called journalists are now down playing musk's revelations because they were in fact complicit in twitter's censorship efforts in 2020 shortly after twitter blocked any and all sharing of the hunter biden laptop report from the new york post, npr proudly announced they would not be covering hunter's laptop from hell and we don't want to waste our time on stories that are not really stories and don't want to waste listener and reader time on stories that are pure distractions and countless other "journalists" refer to russian disinformation or hacked material.
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no legitimate internal documents and twitter blocked the hunter biden story, the laptop story on the basis that it could be hacked material and they hacked material policy and that policy reportedly requires that law enforcement find evidence of a hack. that never happened. the laptop was not hacked. it was hunter's laptop. even twitter itself admitted that the hacked excuse would not hold up according to one former employee and hacking was the excuse but within a few hours pretty much everyone realized that wasn't going to hold but no one had the guts to reverse it. yet twitter utilized an emergency tool only used for the removal of child pornography to block users from sharing the report even over private messages and twitter officials worked with the biden campaign to remove other objectionable
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posts and this post from 2020 said the biden team wanted it removed and the employee respondent handled these and journalists that taibbi reviewed these internal documents and to be clear, matt, in no way acting on behalf of the republicans and the scandal is not about conservative or liberal ideology and it's a story -- about systemic political bias and censorship and misinformation and being constitutionalized in -- institutionalized and big tech companies and seriously harming our countries in the next level of this is our own fbi's involvement and that makes it far worse and i'll get into this in a second. it goes well beyond the hunter biden laptop scandal. take a look. >> all accounts that were requested to have things taken down by the dnc and by the biden campaign, even ones that have nothing to do with the hunter biden laptop. if they'll also be released.
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>> releasing all the files so it's not like anything that's hidden but like the stassi files and nelson mandela says if you want recommendation, there must be truth. that's the intent here to just make it clear what was happening and provide about the past. >> sean: now additional documents are forth coming and we can expect more of the same and according to taibbi almost all of twitter's censorship favored the democratic party and in part because almost everyone that worked at twitter was a hard core liberal democrat in 2020 over 98% of political donations from twitter employees and went to democrats. now this year that number was up to 99.73% and nearly 100% and brings to one former twitter
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employee in particular and his name was james ba baker and migt recall in 2020 working as twitter deputy general council and advise that had twitter's staff was reasonable to assume that the hunter biden story was the product of hacked material and urged "caution"but a few years earlier back in 2016, while he was with the fbi and top legal adviser for the fbi and baker threw all caution to the wind reportedly disseminated hillary clinton's dirty disinformation russian dossier to the entire media and same dirty dossier put together by ex-foreign spy christopher steel on behalf of the clinton campaign and could not be corroborated or verified after the fbi offered steele $1 million in early october of 2016 and couldn't back up anything and prove or corroborate anything in salacious claims and that's because the dossier was made up and it was a farce and
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unverified and unverifiable. it was bar talk and they did not stop the fbi and the transition team and white house and steele couldn't corroborate and collect his ml and after his main source dan chenko and said it was false and bar talk and lied to the physa courts and said it was something and not verified and signed his name and what would happen if you lied to a judge in the court of law and the fbi committed physa fraud and fake document to spy on them seemingly make no interest to investigate and implicated hunter guide and now the president, then candidate joe bide and a variety of serious
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pay to play schemes and on aprii raided rudy giuliani's resident for whatever reason and didn't take their copy back in the day and hard drive and he offered it to them and didn't want it. that's because they already had possession of the laptop for nearly a year of the election and handed over by the computer re-paraguay john p -- r repair y john paul macisac and the crimes on that laptop and did nothing and they heavily suggest that had the laptop scandal was part of a russian disinformation campaign. now here's where the fbi's involvement was with most people not putting it together and it's very serious. now we know the fb >> sean:
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reported by him meeting with twitter and other big tech companies weekly in the weeks leading up to the 2020 presidential election. in fact we're now learning that the fbi met with twitter and other big tech companies and according to twitter's former head of sites integrity, many of these meetings involved warnings about "hack and leak operation" by state operations some involving hunter biden and likely in combined effect and they testified these weekly meetings to lobby social media platforms to change the terms of service and then censor content. clearly the upper echelon of the fbi reporting their if i think ores on the scale and did it in 2016 and again in 2020. and we now know that hunter's laptop from hell was very real and had all of hunter's e-mails and all of the videos doing drugs and hanging out with women of the evening show and how joe biden was directly implicated
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and involved in his son's shady international business deals. take a look. >> another key figure in this is joe biden's son hinter. during his business deals during his father's time as vice president drawing scrutiny. >> joe biden himself and two of the family members and joe biden of course and brother james biden have received millions of dollars from politically connected chinese interests. >> i remember looking at jim biden and saying how are you guys getting away with this? aren't you concerned and he looked at me and laughed a little bit and said plausible denyability. >> a 2013 -- deniability. >> a 2013 trip getting attention for who he brought with him, hunter biden. >> back on may 20, 2017, where some of them are writing james
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gillyard writing to tony bobulinski and joe biden being involved. >> unknown to the press back then and hunter biden form ago chinese private equity fund planning to raise money from chinese investors and years later hunter biden acknowledge that had during the trip he met with the chinese banker as a person described as social business person and not a real one. >> the democrat's big tech, big media keeping this story from the american people days before the election from the president of the united states and election from who's going to be the commander in chief and there's a family involved with all kinds of foreign business interests and we don't get to hear that story. >> sean: still no consequences for hunter and no investigation into joe. no early morning raids, no processed crimes connecting anyone in biden's orbit at all and like there was no search warrant or charges or consequences for hillary clinton when she mishandled top secret
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classified information and no prosecutor would prosecute and forgive me if i'm a little cynical and raiding mar-a-lago and top secret classified information and accusing donald trump of collusion and no prosecutors ever prosecute all these things because he's not a democrat and do we have a two tiered system of justice and looks like we co. fb and i recollects dnc with the big tech and media mob must all be held accountable before the wonderful american public is ruining america. eric schmidt is with us suing the biden administration over censorship? did i connect the dots in a way that makes sense to you because it can get confusing but did the fbi put their fingers on the scales and had this laptop for 11 months and did nothing with
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it. then the fbi telling every week they're meeting with the big tech companies and they're saying to them be on the route for these -- lookout for these hack and leak operations and hunter knew the story was going to come out and had the laptop and knew rudy giuliani had it. >> that's right, sean, and this is a story of the federal government with all of his vast power. >> here's what's very clear. the fbi had the hunter biden laptop story in 2019. say sat on it and the integrity
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guy at twitter in a sworn affidavit said in the meetings there was something about hunter biden in the story. connect all the dots and this was a backdoor way to affect censorship and advising them on their hack and leak -- or hack policy ought to be and you also have the same guy, jim baker who was general counsel of fbi in 2016 and in general council of twitter in the fall of 2020 and clear of elon musk here in the twitter file and he was the one saying put the breaks on this and the fbi was very involved in
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this and concerning for the republic and we believe in free speech and the first amendment is the beating heart of the constitution and federal government in law enforcement acting in this way, it's shocking. >> sean: so, this guy yoel roth is twitter's former head of site integrity and he's the one that said he was meeting weekly with the fbi and they were meeting with other big tech organizations. let's fast forward to the fbi and their special agent elvis chan who you and i believe interviewed last week and he said in a lawsuit that the biden administration organized the meetings and said they warned to be on guard for hack and leak. be on the lookout for hunter bide and it'll be fake. is that what they did and the fbi upper echelon did? >> yes, and the fbi knew that
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that wasn't a hacked hard drive and it was legit and had that computer in their possession for a year and were laying the ground work for months that this could be something that comes up and roth specifically mentions in october so again, they lay the ground work for this to be censored material and the issue comes up and know by the way the date in which according to miranda devine that this will be published and the ground work was laid and twitter did what twitter did. now what's confounding the left is all these pieces of puzzle now are coming together. through our previous deposition of anthony fauci through the discovery we've gotten of the specific portal, the government had with these big tech joints to sensor americans -- censor americans banning people, de-platforming people, silencing people, you know, big tech was going the bidding of big government -- >> sean: with the help of the fb and i recollects being instructed with the help -- fbi
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and the help of the fbi. elon musk said if you shut down dissenting voicing, that's by very definition of election interference and they were asked of the nothing burger and had a great answer and said they're all complicit in lying to the american public and that they're acting as propaganda arm of the democratic party. do you agree with elon musk and is all of that true and is our fbi. did the media collude and see a story of construction and joe and hunter bide anne donovan the weeks leading up to 2020 -- biden in the weeks leading up to 2020 election and the people that know about it and did that impact the elections, sir? >> yeah, the story should have been out there and no reason for this to be bottled up and fbi laid the ground work and elvis
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chance's sworn deposition and he said they were having monthly and weekly meetings and knew the hunter biden laptop wasn't hacked material and they specifically said according to twitter's integrity guy, roth, they mentioned the hunter biden story. that's just nuts. our federal law enforcement has no role and shouldn't have anything to do with this and government shouldn't be censoring people and telling these platform what is they can publish and can't publish and also interesting tidbit here, sean, that came out of the deposition is elvis chan and his dep says said it was influenced by members of congress and their staffers and silicon valley needing to affect their content moderation policy or else. >> sean: mr. attorney general, senator election eric schmidt of missouri, thank you. bringing in to washington and you've got your work cut out your you. thank you for being with us. unsurprisingly the mob and media largely ignored the release of
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bomb shell twitter files and complicit and john paul and james comerford is investigating the -- come comb is investigatie biden family and they'll tell us about the whistle blower straight ahead.
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>> sean: now not surprisingly the media mob is mostly ignoring the explosive revelations surrounding twitter and their efforts to censor the hunter biden laptop story in the weeks leading up to the 2020 election and even with they did cover it, fake news cnn, they're still retreating to the russian disinformation outright law, take a look. >> these are relate to do the internet discussions at twitter in 2020 around a laptop found at a laptop repair shop that contained all kinds of really outrageous stuff from the now president's son. inside twitter what you can see is all of these people who work there saying is it real, this feels like russian disinformation and maybe it is real. what it sort of shows is a real struggle and an important
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platform for how to deal with something so outrageous, so ex-employees and i have what to actually -- explosive and what to deal with. >> sean: earlier the white house press secretary asking about new revelations and call it had "old news". take a look. >> we see this as an interesting or a coincidence if i may that he would so happen hazardly, twitter haphazardly push this distraction and that is a full of old news if you think about it and at the same time twitter is facing very real and serious questions about the rising volume of anger, hate, and anti-semitism on their platform. how they're letting it happen. >> sean: actually, it's all new news and remember it was laptop repairman john paul mac isaac that gave the fbi the laptop and gave it to them 11 months before the 2020
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presidential election in december of 2019 amid the first trump impeachment and by the way, after hunter had abandoned the laptop so why wasn't the fbi honest? why weren't they transparent? why didn't they make it clear that there was no evidence that the laptop had anything to do with russian disinformation? why is there still no accountability from the fbi, especially its director christopher wray and outkick founder john paul and you hand this over in december of 2019 and very easily verifyable based on what we know on the laptop and videos, pictures, e-mails and all hunter biden and also involved in illegal activity, which is why you handed it over in the first place. so they could have verified everything on the laptop, the things that concerned you and probably much more but they didn't and not only did they not do it and the fbi turns around
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in the leadup to the 2020 election warning everybody about hack and leak, which is that maybe this is hacked material they're coordinating weekly with big tech to basically convince them if you hear about this story, don't believe it, don't publish it, don't disseminate it, and i just want to get your reaction to all that. >> well, obviously we've been waiting a couple years for this to come out and i'm grateful for elon and what he's done over at twitter bringing this to the surface, but i've had my suspicions for a long time. i gave the laptop to the fbi on december 9, 2019. when the impeachment trial occurred and that laptop was nowhere to be seen and admitted to evidence and i touched base with the fbi from the time they reached out in november and the time they picked up the laptop
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and there were concerns regarding ukraine and the biden family at that time. i knew when they decided to ignore the laptop in the impeachment trial, the fbi had no intention of ever doing anything at that laptop and assumed it was at the bottom of the potomac. >> sean: then they went the extra mile and that was to prevent big tech from even publishing it when they got ahold of it and casting doubt in the minds of big tech companies to even put out or allow people to read the new york post story, and i guess what's unbelievable to me is the most underreported aspect of hunter biden, it's not the hookers and it's not the drugs. it's the fact he repeatedly implicates his own father as being paid and the beneficiary of his foreign business dealings and after photograph after photograph and what drives huntser biden and the business associates and at least 14 meetings we've just said with joe and hunter and his foreign
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business partners so joe biden lied directly to the american people. all of that information is there and you'd think the fbi would be pedaling at this point. >> no doubt. look, we're talking about a scandal that makes water gate look like jaywalking, sean and the reality is if he hasn't, our gentleman hasn't copied things on the laptop and the fbi would have thrown into the potomac and it's important to contextualize the time frame and elon musk sharing the internet deliberations and that's what happened when the story came out from the new york post but we still don't have a great explanation of why. why was the fbi out there already meeting weekly with all these big tech companies, letting them know that this kind of story was coming and telling them that it was going to be
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russian disinformation. they knew because they had what i believe was an improper warrant checking out everything that rudy giuliani was doing and knew he was interacting with the new york post and had this laptop for over a year and knew it was real. who ordered the code red in the fbi, sean? this is the real essence of this question. somebody in the fbi made the decision that they were going to rig this story and rig this election for joe biden through collusion with big tech. who did that at the fbi. we still don't know. we know it happened and somebody made this order but we don't know who it was and until we know who was rigging this election in the fbi, we are dealing right now with an agency that's out of control we know. and we know there's someone in power there and someone at a high level who was rigging in entire election who knew this laptop was cross-appeal this story was -- real and this story was coming and going to the tech companies and saying, hey, this is russian disinformation,
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lookout for it. they were lying and they were rigging this election against donald trump and for joe bide and what we need to know, sean, whey believe the house of representatives should be investigating is who were those people? who was calling all these briefings and why were they covering it up, and we need to, i believe, charge whoever was involved with a crime. talk about democracy dying in darkness, you want to talk about the threat to our country of rigged elections, this guy or girl whoever was in the fbi is pulling all the strings here. >> sean: the big story is they had it for 11 months and did nothing with it. the second part of the story is they created doubt in the minds of big tech to get them to not allow the american people to see this before an election. john paul mac isaac, we'll give you the last word co. you feel vindicated? i know you lost your business over this. >> well, you know, this obviously helps. i've been waiting for justice for this for over two years, and
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elon's -- i hate to say with my lawyers listening, has probably delivered me the most justice i've been able to witness. i support him 100%. i have no intentions on revisiting my lawsuit with twitter, even though now it's apparent they were cheating. i don't want to stand in the way of what elon is building over there and i support him 100%. >> sean: the media was complicit too. john paul mac isaac, clay travis, thank you both. all of the major developments into all the things we're talking about welcome the subject of investigations in the republican controlled couching as of -- controlled congress as of january and the republicans are vowing to control oversight and tech companies and top government institutions like the fbi to hold bad actors accountable. here to explain more is congressman james comer and he'll be investigating the bidens in the judiciary committee and james jordan and
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investigating whether or not the fbi is politicized and department of justice is weaponnized and congressman comer, i'll begin with you. now that we know that the fbi had this laptop for 11 months, there's low-hanging fruit crimes but that's not the big one. you said when you made your a announcer: ment about -- announcement about this investigation, it is an investigation into the president of the united states. that laptop implicates joe biden and we have photographs that prove he was with hunter and his foreign business associates and we know he went and attended meetings with foreign business associates and hunter. we know hunter moans and groans and complains he's paying dad or pops all that money. the question is is this the biggest influence pedaling scandal that congress is dealing with? >> we've never had a family that's influence pedaled to
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this degree. if you look at the whole purpose of what we're talking about today, it's because this investor of the biden family influence pedaling, the evidence is base add lot in part of what the documents are and the data is on the laptop. so, sean, i'm breaking on your show tonight based on internal documents that elon musk released this weekend, the oversight committee is sending a letter tomorrow morning to the three twitter employees that were implicated in the coverup of the laptop story, three letters requesting their presence in front of the oversight committee in january. >> sean: but when you know the the fbi putting pressure on big tech companies, oh, you're going to try -- go ahead, sir. >> right, and what we're going to ask them is who was influencing your decision making? did your do this unilaterally or do this based on what you were told from the biden campaign,
6:37 pm
from the democrat national committee, or even worse and as i suspect from the fbi. this will be a opportunity for the american people to hear directly from the three twitter employees implicated in the data release that elon musk just dumped this weekend so they're going to have a few weeks to get their stories straight and they'll be able to come under oath in front of the house oversight committee and tell the person meme what really happenet really happened and why were that so intent on suppressing this story. >> sean: and jim jordan as the head of judiciary, your investigation will be working in tandem with congressman comer because you're looking into whether or not based on whistle blower testimony among other things, whether or not our fbi has been politicized and our department of justice weaponnized and what's your take on the fact that they had weekly meetings warning these big tech companies oh, be on the lookout. they're probably going to give you hacked material.
6:38 pm
some may be about hunter biden. were they trying to prevent big tech from letting that story go out? why didn't they do anything for the 11 months they had the laptop themselves? they could have been investigating all of this. >> so, sean, the answer to your question, who at the fbi was responsible for suppressing this story and going and briefing these big tech platforms and to clay's question, who was the key person? we know where to start, timothy tibault and went to senator grassley and said he was pushing for the hunter biden story and came up with a different whistle blower who cametous. the place starts with timothy thibault and he was the chief counsel at fbi and spying on president trump's campaign and goes to twitter and is their general council and did the e-mail saying it's reasonable to
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assume that this is a hacking operation and therefore we can throttle back the story about the hunter biden laptop. that's where you start. jim baker and timothy thibault and we've been trying to get mrn and we'll make sure it happens in january and jamie is working on mr. baker and elon musk started with all the facts and we'll continue. you get the facts out and that's the first step in making sure this kind of bologna and garbe never happens again. >> sean: is jim jordan right that when you shut down dissenting voices that is by definition interference and the media was complicit in lying to the american public and acting at propaganda arm of the democratic party, and do you believe that the fbi is behind all that pressure to prevent big tech from publishing that story and help joe biden get elected?
6:40 pm
>> yeah, it sure looks it because remember the 51 former intel officials sending a letter this is all the classic earmarks of russian disinformation effort. the real one was the one the fbi and big tech were running on the american people and jim baker was at the heart of it. let's get him in here to talk to jamie and his team and we'll get timothy thibault in here to talk to him and we'll get the facts to the her honor people. >> sean: jim comer, you have the last word tonight. >> well, remember, sean, the whole purpose of this investigation, it's to determine whether or not this white house is compromised. when you look at all the bad pollties out of this white -- policies out of this white house, with respect to energy policies and the fact that biden is trying to embrace the green new deal? who wants the green new deal more than anyone other than a few liberals in california? china. they want to put us as a competitive disadvantage and a lot of bad decisions this administration is making maybe because they're compromised because of the millions of dollars they received through
6:41 pm
influence pedaling through adversaries of russia, china and middle east and that's why we're investigating the biden family and kicking it into high gear in january with subpoena power and the gavel. >> sean: you're investigating the president of the united states for influence pedaling; is that correct? >> that is the investigation, yes, sir. >> sean: congressman james comer, thank you. congressman jim jordan, thank you. also tonight, we have developing information, a former scientist at ecohealth alliance is coming forward to blow the whistle on massive failings inside the organization and inside the nih because in an explosive new book, dr. andrew huff reveals major security failures surrounding gain of function research at wuhan virology lab is bolstering the theory and it was the ecohealth alliance and received your taxpayer money through the former grants from nih to conduct gain of function
6:42 pm
research at wuhan lab, something that fauci appeared to lie about under oath when asked by senator rand paul. take a look. >> the facts were clear the nih did fund gain of function research in wuhan despite your protest stations. will you take responsibility for funding research in wuhan today? >> senator, with all due r i disagree with -- i disagree with so many things you said and first of all gain of function is a nebulous term. we have spent, not user but outside bodies, a considerable amount of effort to give a more precise definition to the type of research that is of concern. s all right, we did reach out to ecohealth alliance, they dismissed dr. huff's conclusion telling us that mr. huff makes other speculations and allegations between the nature of collaboration between ecohealth alliance and wuhan
6:43 pm
institute of virology given that he worked at or with the wuhan institute of virology and assertions along these line cans not be trusted and we have author of the truth about wuhan, dr. andrew huff. what do the american people need to know about gain of function and coronavirus research with the american tax dollars going to the virology lab? >> well, seaning, thank you for having me. it's clear as day is that the united states government, united states people funded gain of function research at the wuhan institute of virology. it's interesting that ecohealth alliance and the doctor pretty much ignored the statements i made and submitted to u.s. congress and house intelligence committee and members of the senate. i reviewed and understanding the risk of coronavirus gain of function proposal submitted by ecohealth alliance to the national institute of health,
6:44 pm
which was reviewed or approved by anthony fauci. >> sean: i think you meant the ecohealth alliance in 2016. how would you know it's happening in 2018 and '19? >> you have to take a step back and this whole gain of function work began under usaid predict. they were collecting the samples and genetic materials to actually construct this virus and happened before this gain of function proposal and if you look at genetic evidence of this disease, it has all the necessary parts that were collected from this surveillance work. >> sean: they were told that by the way -- we know they were told that very early on and even in 2020, early 2020 that it had all these signs it was manipulated by man. sir, we're going to continue to follow it. thank you. straight ahead, all eyes on georgia. pilot toll senate runoff betweef
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between her herschel wa walkerd raphael warnock is next.
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>> sean: all right, it's game time in georgia, herschel walker barn storming all over the state ahead of tomorrow's runoff
6:51 pm
against raphael warnock and the only poll that matters is the one on election day and republicans need a big election day turnout to win the seat, which could be a major gop flip and here with more is georgia senate candidate herschel walker along with south carolina senator lindsey gram. graham. herschel, owe know what gam day is like and understand it better than anybody. the only thing that worries me about your race is one thing is that it seems in every state democrats have embraced and even perfected early voting, which puts every republican behind on election day and if my calculations are right, if you got the exact turnout that you got on election day, november 8, tomorrow, you'll win. but that's a big undertaking. what do you say to those people, men in particular seem to have voted in lower numbers, what do you say to them that have not voted yet and why it's important to vote tomorrow?
6:52 pm
>> they have to get out and vote. rain, snow, sunshine, get out and vote . if you don't vote, you'll get more chuck schummer and senator biden and schumer has shown he'll always vote with them and i'll be with the georgia people and always will be with the georgia people and you've got to get out and vote. it's raining righted now, but don't let that stop you. i say this here, i played football in the rain, i played football in the snow, i played football in warm weather. right now what matters is getting out to vote because that's the most important thing you can do right now is vote, vote, vote. >> sean: it's all about turnout tomorrow. lindsey, i wish republicans, even though i don't like the system, if it's the system woe have and not the one we wish we had, republicans allow themselves to get behind so herschel's vote tomorrow will make all the difference. >> yeah, i want to say a couple
6:53 pm
things. i want to thank herschel walker and his family for representing the republican party in georgia so well. they've been beaten up and herschel's still standing. this is the year of the georgia bulldog and there's no bigger georgia bulldog than herschel walker. i want to thank your audience. i've been on your show allot begging for money and you responded and closed the gap to give us the resources so win this thing. you're about to get a return on investment tomorrow. i look at numbers till i'm blewe in the face. high propensity voters that did not vote early and there's 330,000 more republicans who are high propensity voters yet to vote than democrats. if they turn out tomorrow, the people that vote all the time no matter what the weather will have a 330,000 lead. if you show up, herschel wins. >> sean: i think that's really what it means. i know there's a call for rain tomorrow. i think people need to republican what you said, herschel, you play in the snow, you played in, you know, summer
6:54 pm
heat, you played in the rain. you played if it's game time, you go out and play. there's so much at stake, the difference between 51-49 and 50-50 i believe is dramatic. your last pitch. >> well, it is and, you know, right now we can keep the committed and even and put a stop to joe biden and put a check on everything that he's doing. i can promise you i'm going to do that because i believe in the american people, i've always said i believe in the people, not the government so come out, vote, vote, vote because this is the most important election of our lifetime. >> sean: all right, herschel walker, people of georgia, it's in your hands. your country needs you. when we come back, mar on the shocking death of -- more on the shocking death of actress kirstie alley straight ahead. s
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at top of the show legendary actress kirstie alley died at the age of 71 following a short patle with cancer, an emmy winner immensely talented beautiful soul kind heart, she had been on this program before. and we wish her and her family, they're in our thoughts and prayers and all the best. unfortunately that's all the time we have left this evening. let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham is standing by with a kick ass show. >> laura: she gave us so much humor and comedy she was a blessing and that whole cast was a bless to our country when we needed to laugh and be entertained and there was no politics in any of it. >> sean: imagine that. >> laura: that was the golden age of tv and she will be missed. we have comic relief on the hill, that's for sure, but we're going to pick it up where you left off hannity awesome show. >> sean: have a great show laura. >> laura: i'm laura ingraham this is the ingraham angle from washington tonight. the most wonderful crime o